Jan. 11, 2022

2022 ApHC Youth World/Nationals Announcement

2022 ApHC Youth World/Nationals Announcement

The 2022 Youth World/Nationals announcement has been made. I also talk about some of the items from the Dec 30th BOD meeting.

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Tony Bottoms:

Hey, how are you doing welcome to the only show that talks about the Appaloosa horse and the people that love them, wherever that might be. I'm your host, Tony bottoms. And this week, it's all about Appaloosa news. First thing we're going to talk about is we're World is going to be, and then I attended the December 30th meeting and I've got some notes I'm going to go over here on this. So let's go get into it. So if you haven't heard. The 2022 youth world and national show will be held in Tulsa at the Ford tough expo square on July 25th through the August. Second on July 25th through August 2nd again, that's in Tulsa, Mr. Reed from Laurie wonder Lich posted on Facebook. At posts, I'm going to go ahead and read that. It says as president, I'm happy to announce that on January 5th, 2022, the board, the board of directors of the Appaloosa horse club voted to accept the proposal from the built Ford tough expo square, and enter into negotiations for the 2022 youth world national show to be held on July 25th through August 2nd, 2022. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the show was a success in 2021, and we hope that you will join us in a successful show in 2022. The date Intel's the afford, the exhibit and trainers, the best opportunity to have a world-class horse. For youth exhibitors at their youth world championship show and provide our non-pro and open exhibitors with a national show, which affords the quality and facilities to which we've become accustomed to at a cost that is fi physically responsible for our club and our members join us and get spotted on route 66. So I guess that's. Mantra for 2022 is get spotted on route 66. But one, one thing I want to point out. And what she said though, is they have entered into negotiations for the 20, 22 youth world and national show. That means that this all could blow up. It might not actually work out. Hopefully it does. Everything works. But they have went into negotiations. That means the negotiations could break down, but everybody's pretty optimistic that it's going to happen. So I did not attend the January 5th show because we were, that was our move day. We're moving from Southeast Texas over in the Jasper area over here for pork. Over here to Fort Polk, Louisiana. And so I kinda missed messed up on the time. I thought I was going to listen to it as I drove down the road, but then I messed up on the time. So I didn't listen to it, but I did attend the December 30th one. And for everybody who's interested, if you would like to attend the board meetings that are on zoom, all you have to do is put in a request and Laura. Or Lynette a request saying that you want to be into zoom and they'll send you a link. Now, the December 30th, one, there's like about 200 people in there. I think when I logged in, it said 296, there might've been more that came in after me. I don't know as a little bit late. When I look there was like 196. Thanks to me. He said he got all the way up to 300 people. So that's quite a few people. All one of the things they addressed was the ad in a journal. This controversial ad that came out in a journal. I have not seen it. I've heard about it. But somebody said it was an article that is actually an ad. And it was basically talking about some of the stuff that we've talked about here on the show about. The PAC kind of catering to the trainers and, you know, the, the big trainers always winning awards. And even when their horses going to show ring lame and stuff like that. So it's not, I didn't think it was that controversial pit. A lot of people thought it was controversial. I didn't think was controversial because it's things that we've talked about here on the show and things I've heard other people talking about before. So. I guess the controversy was in the journal. That was the controversy, you know, and I've heard people say, well, it shouldn't have been in the journal and all that. I'm like, well, if people believe that this is an issue and they want to talk about it, where are they going to go talk about it other than the journal? That's what the journals to me, that's what the journal is supposed to be for is to have a discussion about topics going on within the HPAC community. Other than here on news show, where are they going to go to voice Saturday? You can go to Facebook. A lot of people do that. And then they get ostracized for being on Facebook and talking negative about the HPAC in a public forum. You know, same thing with the journal. Everybody's like, oh, it's a public forum. That's what represents PAC and all that. Okay. That's cool. But where are people going to go talk about that? If, if they want to have that discussion and they believe that it's an issue, where are they going to go have that? And there's not a whole lot of places do it. And pretty much anything is going to be out in public form. If you're trying to get as many members involved as possible, it's going to be out in public forum. This show, for example, it's in public forum. We're not going to always talk about the good stuff. We're going to talk about the bad stuff too, to see if we can resolve the issues. That's what it's there for. That's what discussions for anyhow Lynette says that ultimately she's responsible. But my question for that. If she's ultimately responsible, why did she not resign? Why did Dana resign instead? I got a little story for you. When I was in the Marine Corps, we were doing some night ops training. We're jumping out of helicopters and all that kind of stuff. Had a Marine that got killed. He died, they did an investigation and there are several, several major safety factors that got skipped over that weren't put into place. And ultimately. Led to this Marine dime. Well, our commanding officer in the end took the responsibility and basically got relieved to command. It basically killed his career. He could have rolled that on down the hill and there were several other people that were probably more responsible than he was, you know, the OIC in charge of the operation, the non-commission officer in charge of the operation, all those kinds of people. But. Being a leader. He stood up and said, ultimately, it's my responsibility. And he got relieved to command that to me, is leadership. This whole thing of rolling it downhill and having somebody else resigned that to me is not leadership. You know, I'm just putting the cards on the table. That's not leadership to me. Ultimately, if you're ultimately responsible, then that's who is supposed to be taking. The responsibility for it. Sorry about that. Ad, take a little pause there. Like I said, I am on a military base. I just had a whole squad of the helicopters fly or south of me. Anyhow. And then the other question I had is following that. Why did Hannah resign? You know, our marketing director, she resigned also, so seems to be a lot of people leaving. So, I don't know. I don't, I mean, ultimately, usually you see that if you see that in a corporation or you see that in a business, it usually has something to do with the culture of the business. If there's a lot of people, a lot of turnover, then it usually has to do with the culture. So maybe that's something we need to start looking into. And then there a question that somebody brought up of moving the HPAC headquarters and Kevin cornier is the bod member that's in charge of that. And he was having issues. He wasn't able to answer those questions, but he did come on Facebook and address that afterwards saying that they had looked into it and they're still looking into it basically. And then say Ted, say Jack, as the question about putting a pay. The APH see employees online for the members of look at. And he was basically saying, everybody keeps talking transparency, but were the members are not seeing transparency. They're not seeing trends. You know, everybody like there's board meeting on the 30th. Everybody's like, well, we're going to be transparent. You can attend the board meeting, but then they were saying that you couldn't ask questions that you had to pre. Send in your questions and then they would take those, but they did take some questions as they're going along. So I guess they kind of changed their mind a little bit on that one, but basically he was saying that by not doing that, we're not being transparent. We're not showing people what our expenses are so that people can get a good understanding of what the expenses are. Everything is. Generic. If you go and look at the tax returns is kind of generic, and I've said this before, you can hide a lot of stuff in those generic terms, you know, it doesn't give you a great breakdown on what we're spending money on and where money money's coming back in. And then somebody was asking about Martin. You know, why are we not doing more for marketing? Why are we not doing more to get out there and get in front of people that don't know about the Appaloosa horse and all that as a group, as a club, why are we not doing it? Why is this club not doing it? And Ken Johnson basically came on and said, you know, for the last year or two, the board members have pretty much been mired down in making a decision about nationals and not focusing on other things. And then my question on that is, you know, we have a marketing director, but that marketing director spends more time going out and getting sponsors and dealing with sponsorships and stuff like that. For nationals and world, they're not actually doing marketing. They are spending most of their time. And I've talked to both Hannah and the other person who is the marketing director beforehand. Who is there part time now? And they spend most of their time dealing with the sponsorship stuff. They're not doing marketing, they're not getting out there and doing a whole lot of marketers. They're doing some, but most of the Thomas spent doing the sponsorship stuff. That's not a marketing director to me. That's not a marketing director. I don't know what you call that. My question is, is why can we not hire another person that does that? That's what their job is, or, you know, whether it be a board member or what, I don't know, but let's let the marketing director do marketing and do what they're supposed to be doing. You know, as the name applies a marketing director, and then another person was questioning how long it was taking for registrations. And of course the common excuse was not enough staff. We don't have enough people. And that seems to always be the answer. Not enough people, not enough people. Well, here's my question about that is, and I've mentioned this and I've heard other people mention this. Why are we not doing it online? Other breed associations are doing it online. Other places are doing online. It's obviously not that hard to do. It's not that big of a deal. And then I believe his name was Daniel. The I T guy got on and said, look, we can do it. We have the people that can code it, but we don't have time because they're working on other things. Back a while back before COVID and all that. They had quite a few, it people, a lot of them, I don't know if they quit or got laid off or whatever. I don't know, but they don't have as many people as what they had before. And he said, even back then, back then they wouldn't, they had plenty enough people to do it, but then the decision was never made. So basically our it guy saying, Hey, we can do it. But my question is, is why. Would we do it in house. There are other breed associations out there that have done it. AQH paint the jockey club. I mean the Arabian there's so many people out there. Why can't we go to them and go, hi, how did you do it? What's your system? Or hire outside to have somebody else do it. I know a person personally that could do it and I'm sure. Plenty of people within our membership that could probably do it, or they know somebody that could do it and they might give us a reduced rate, you know, because they're members, you know, they're trying to help out the club. You know, I don't know. I'm just kind of throwing stuff out there, but there are ways of doing it. It seems to me that the people in the office don't want to do it. They're the people that always seem to be dragging their feet, talking about how we can't do. And in particular, there's a few people that I can point to that seem to always be dragging their feet on why it can't happen. And I've been told off the record that the reason that is it, because they don't want to have to learn a new system. I don't know if that's true or not, but that's what I was told. I kinda, after seeing everything. I kind of believe it, to be honest with you. I think that there's people there in the office don't want it to change. They want it to stay the way it is. I think that's some of our biggest holdup is some of the people in the office. So if that's the case, we're trying to move the club forward. That's an issue we're going to have to deal with. You know, I have a brother-in-law of mine that you, you work for the U S government. And he said it doesn't matter. Who's in office. They do things the same way that, you know, there might be a few rule changes and all that, but for the most part, they continue on just like whoever was there before. And I think that's kind of what happens with our office personnel. They just keep doing things the way they want to do it and how it was always. And doesn't matter, who's in charge of the board and all that kind of stuff. They're just going to do things the way they want to do it. And that's the way it looks like. So, and then finally, one of the last questions that was asked, well, I wouldn't say it was the last question, but one last things I'm going to cover here is Rebecca Hogan asked the question. Okay. When Deb Dyer stepped down as president of the board, according to the official record, she was relieved as president and then the board voted to let her resign. And then she turned around. It was, it was put back in charge of one of the other committees. So Rebecca's question. If there was something that happened, which we don't know what happened. I don't know if she resigned or, you know what, but according to the official record, she was removed as president and then they allowed her to resign. But as Rebecca was asking, if that's the case, why would they then turn around and put her in charge of another committee? If it was something that was bad enough to relieve her from. Being the president of the bod. Why is she actually still on the bod? And again, because everything's all tight knit and we can't see what the issue was. We don't know. Was it a minor fracture was a major infraction. What, I don't know, the only person that came on to address that was Raber, Chet that said. That he voted for her to be on the committee because he thought she was one of the best qualified people for that committee. And that was the only person that addressed that issue. Basically, I felt that the whole question was just kind of brushed over and they moved on to more questions, but I thought that was, to me, that was a pretty substantial question. And it just kind of. Pushed under the rug. No one really answered that question. I don't know why. No, one's given me an explanation of why I haven't rarely asked either quite frankly, but it makes you wonder if they're talking about transparency, everybody's talking about transparency and about being transparent and all that. Why would we push that one under the rug? There was a lot of questions. I got more questions. After the meeting or coming through the meeting, then I got answers in the meeting. You know, it was like for every answer I got, I got two or three more questions popping up in my head and nothing ever seemed to get resolved to a finality. And I guess maybe that's part of the bad thing about being on the board. I know that's when I've talked to some of the board members, it's like, man, nothing ever seems to get. It just kind of keeps getting pushed down the road, push down the road, push down the road. You know, that's the problem, I guess, with dealing with the larger organization and all that kind of stuff, but eventually going to have to make a decision on some of this stuff and this saying you're transparent and not being transparent. And that's going to backfire. That's going to backfire. So anyhow, that's everything I had for the December 30th meeting. Like I said, youth world and nationals will be in Tulsa this year, July 25th, August 2nd. I hope to see you all there. And like I said, if you have something going on in the area where we're at, we're going to be we're here in Fort Polk, Louisiana. We'll be moving here Wednesday. I think it is of next week or this week. And we'll be heading back towards Texas heading over towards New Mexico. And if you have something going on, you want us to stop by and say, Hey, let us know. We'll stop by and say, Hey, we'll help you promote it. Walk around, do your interviews. You know, get to know people, let them kind of let everybody get to know them and voice their opinion, all that kind of stuff. If you have somebody that you think would be a good person for me to talk to let me know. Hey, I've made it real easy for you guys. Appaloosa podcast.com period. You want to be a guest on the show. There's a thing on there that says be a guest. You can click on that, filled out. You'll send it over to me. You want to send me a message saying. You can go over there, send me a message. Everything is Appaloosa podcast.com. If you want to leave me a voice message on the right hand side, there's a little tab that says this, got a microphone on it. Voice message. You can hit it and you can leave me a voice message. Hey, I'll play it on the show. If you want me to do that, that's fine with me. I don't have a problem. So I've made it easy for you. There's now there's not all these places. You have to go one easy place for you to go. You can go there. You can review the show. You can subscribe to the show. You can send me a message. You can apply to be a guest on the show. All, all that in one place. Appaloosa podcast.com. So we'll talk to you guys later. Bye.