Oct. 15, 2018

EP08 - Kevin Griner

EP08 - Kevin Griner

This episode I have a conversation with Kevin Griner. Kevin is a current BOD member in Territory 5.



KEVIN GRINER Metter, GA 912.690.5071

My name is Kevin Griner. I am 47 years old and I live in Metter, Georgia with my beautiful wife Stacy and our four children. I have a daughter Findlay who is 14, a son Riley who is 13, a son Ben who is 8, and a daughter Madeline who is 7. We all ride and show our Appaloosa horses. Findlay and Riley have both shown at the Youth World Championship Show.
I am self-employed and the President and CEO of four companies. I currently employ over 500 employees. My company’s gross revenues exceed 25 million dollars annually. I understand how to make payroll, develop policies, comply with State and Federal regulations, manage complicated budgets, and provide leadership and accountability.
I understand the mission statement of the Appaloosa Horse Club and feel that I directly contribute to the “promotion of its future” through my selective breeding program. Like our first President, Claude Thompson, I too have the same objective which is to make the Appaloosa the “breed of choice.”
My qualification to serve as a Board of Director for the Appaloosa Horse Club comes from my love of the breed and vast experience as Past Chairman of the Board of Candler County Chamber of Commerce, Past Chairman of Metter Kiwanis Club, Chairman of the Board of Directors at David Emanuel Academy, and Board member of Durden Banking Company.
I look forward to serving all members of Territory V over the next four years as we continue to grow the Appaloosa Horse Club for another 80 years. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin Griner

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