March 6, 2019

Owner of Rockin' MD Ranch and Multiple World Champion Artfully Designed - Wendy Jo McCain- EP26

Owner of Rockin' MD Ranch and Multiple World Champion Artfully Designed - Wendy Jo McCain- EP26

 If you ask Wendy McCain what her favorite thing about the Appaloosa breed is she will tell you that as much as she loves the uniqueness of the horses, it is the people that drew her in and have become a life-long community she is proud to be a part of. What becomes immediately apparent when you visit with her is that her enthusiasm for the breed is contagious. Today, she runs a small but incredibly successful non-pro breeding program.

Like so many of us, Wendy came from modest beginnings and was horse crazy from birth. Raised in Minnesota, her family owned Quarter Horses and she competed in her first show at age three. Her entire family was involved in horses and they went to shows almost every weekend from May to October each year. Tough she went to college and held a professional position in the marketing industry for 15 years, Wendy always managed to have horses in her
life to some degree. Her breed of choice became Appaloosas in 1996 when she married an Appaloosa owner, and she never looked back. They bred, raised and showed Appaloosas, and in 2000 they bred Tonya Star to Artful Move. The match produced the horse of Wendy’s dreams she named Artfully Designed. She was there to assist in his delivery and has owned him his whole life, carefully guiding his career and building her breeding program with him.

Artfully Designed


Driven to be successful, Wendy has never stopped educating herself,setting specific goals and applying her business skills to her horse program. Never afraid to ask for help and always seeking to better her knowledge, she even went to Texas A & M to become certified in Equine Reproduction/Mare & Stallion Management.

Since 2006 she and her husband, David McCain, maintain a 140-acre ranch nestled eight minutes south of Abilene, Texas. Rockin’ MD Ranch operates out of a small barn and an equipment barn that Wendy claims is nothing fancy, but very cost effective. The property is also home to deer, turkeys and wild hogs and the McCain hospitality not only feeds the critters, but welcomes visitors at all times.
Wendy is living proof that you don’t have to be a professional or have excessive amounts of money to be successful in the horse show/breeding industry. Consistently among the leading non-pros in our breed for over two decades.

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