Oct. 2, 2019

Pinto Horse Association Now Accepting Characteristic Appaloosas - EP30

Pinto Horse Association Now Accepting Characteristic Appaloosas - EP30

An update on the PtHA accepting characteristic Appaloosas, as well as, finishing off the minutes from the BOD Committee meetings.


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Summary of Committee Meeting Minutes from May - Aug 2019


Show/Trail Committee April 8, 2019 



SC Motion 01/04/19:  eliminate $25,000 from National Show pay outs and have staff look at traditional cuts to National Show Budget.


SC Motion 02-04-19: seek concept approval from the Board of Directors to develop details for ApHC Super Regional Shows to be held in 2020.


SC Motion 03-04-19:   to require Specialty Association to pay $50.00 minimum per entry at World Show beginning in 2019.

*Tabled during BOD meeting on April 9th so that Committee could reach out to Specialty Associations


SC Motion 04-04-19:   moves to not change the tie breaker judge rule.


Show/Trail Committee  May 8th, 2019 



Old Business

o National Show

  • Drug Testing policy

o SC Motion 05-01-19– Ray moved to change the current procedure for drug testing to require that all class winners and some daily random samples be collected during the National and World shows for drug testing. Seconded by Ken.

Motion passed unanimously.


  • National budget

o Costs savings are being considered as all expenses are reviewed and contracts signed.

o World Show

  • Specialty association classes

o SC Motion 05-02-19 – Starting at 2019 World Show, all specialty associations must pay $35/entry to ApHC. Made by Billy, seconded by Ken. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Non pro 35 and over trail o SC Motion 05-03-19 – Ken moved to add Non-Pro 35 & Over Trail to the 2019 World Show schedule as long as class sponsorship can be obtained. Seconded by Kristen. Motion passed unanimously.
  • SSA yearling in hand trail and longeline

o SC Motion 05-04-19 – Ken moved that these classes NOT be added to the 2019 World Show schedule. They will be added to the 2020 schedule when the breeding fees and nomination structure is in place to support them. Seconded by Ray. Motion passed unanimously.

  • Non-Pro walk/trot games classes to add to WS schedule o SC Motion 05-04-19 – Ken moved that the show committee table any action on this item until additional information can be obtained on possible participation and until class sponsorship can be obtained. Seconded by Leslie. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Spec
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