2022 NSBA's Heros on Horses with The Right Path Riding Academy

This week I am at the 2022 NSBA World Show to participate in the Heros on Horses presentation. I sit down with the Founder of The Right Path Riding Academy Leslie Kirkland and one of disabled veterans, Cindy Martin, that participates in the program.
The Right Path’s mission is to empower people with disabilities and challenges to reach for their highest potential with the help of a horse.
The Right Path is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and PATH Intl. premier accredited organization. To provide the highest quality services, our instructors are trained and certified with PATH Intl. We are advised by a board of directors, consisting of local businessmen and community leaders. As a ministry, generous gifts and grants from foundations, businesses, and individuals allow us to provide our services at zero cost to our participants. For more information on each of our programs, watch our video here.
The Right Path was founded by Leslie Kirkland in 1996. Leslie’s unique perspective as a healthcare professional and as a person living with multiple sclerosis provides passionate leadership to the program’s volunteers and participants.
The Ocker family joined as staff in 2013 and oversaw operations until Fall 2020. Their vision, service, and commitment led to incredible growth in our organization.
If you would like to donate to the program you can do so @ https://therightpathok.org/give/
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